Watch Out This Tax Season

You never think that those closest to you could betray and hurt you, but all too often people are taken advantage of because they are too trusting, or maybe just unaware. It is important to maintain healthy and trusting friendships with your friends, family, and even those who work with you in order to live […]

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Have You Done Your Taxes Yet?

Identity theft is pretty scary right? Someone’s going around pretending to be you, with all of your personal information, and getting money any way they can. They take out loans or make fake accounts or take credit cards out under your name but where the really scary stuff begins is with tax returns. In 2013 alone, the IRS […]

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New Year – New Smart Technology

Wearable technology was the perfect gift this winter and odds are that either you or someone you know now owns one. They come in all shapes and sizes, most work like a watch and sit on your wrist. These Smartwatches do more than just tell time. They are complex, advanced technologies that pack an interface and data recording instrument into […]

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