How military members are being targeted for fraud

While some of us may be thinking about fireworks, barbecues, and family gatherings in light of the 4th, others are thinking about taking your money.

According to the Better Business Bureau, no one will try harder to steal your money than online scammers. In fact,  1 in 5 people will be a victim of a scam yearly and annual losses amount to about $50 billion. These frauds will target you disguised as IRS agents, realtors, debt collectors, employers, and online sellers.

The FTC claims that military consumers reported an estimated 116,000 complaints.

Impostor scams were the No. 1 complaint category for military consumers, followed by identity theft.

Consider the most popular scams that involve military members:

Real Estate Scam 

Scammers impersonate real estate agents offering irresistible offers (which of course are fake) to military members and their families. They take advantage of the fact that these brave service men and woman are constantly moving from base to base all over the country and overseas.

Fake Soldier

In this one, the scammer actually pretends to be the service member for capital gain.

IdahoPress reports that “scammers pose as real soldiers on social media sites such as Tinder or Facebook to try to play with victims’ heart strings.

“Once they gain the trust of someone they’re engaging with online, scammers then ask for money for medical fees, transportation or sometimes marriage processing.”

The audacity, right!

What You Can Do

Anyone can fall victim to ID theft and other similar frauds. One of the best ways to stay safe from scammers is to be sure to stay up to date with your record and to learn more about the people in your life. Visit Spyfly for more information on consumer protection.



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