New Dating App Checks Your Criminal Record

If you’ve ever been considered for a job or an apartment you’d like to rent, you’ve probably been subjected to a background check. But did you know that you’ll now have to undergo a similar process for online dating?

Gatsby, a new dating app which launched in April, screens users’ background for any criminal activity including sexual offenses.

“What it comes down to is safety and security for users.”

Unfortunately, it’s not surprising to hear about people winding up in messy and even fatal situations after meeting someone online. Take the three woman who went missing after meeting the same man online or the young father who died after meeting a woman on Plenty of Fish,  for example.

Gatsby CEO Joseph Penora told Global News that this info is already made available to the public and that all they do is compare users’ information when signing up to criminal databases.

But what happens when the app thinks a user has a criminal record and is wrong? The person can have a common name, the same birthday as someone else, or a charge wrongly associated with their name.

Or better yet, what if the person signing up uses a fake name to play the system? Penora says that they have an algorithm that’ll challenge fake profiles by looking at other information other than name and birthday, although he didn’t explain the logistics behind it.

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