Do You Know What People Can Find Out About You Online?

With social media being a huge part of our lives and the obsession with letting everyone know what we are up to, it’s getting a lot easier for people to steal your identity and increases the chances of fraud.  The biggest factor that causes people to fall into this trap is the lack of knowledge on what information you should and shouldn’t be putting on social media.  

You can pull up any of your friends on Facebook right now and easily see find out a lot of detailed information on them.  This information probably just goes right over your head because you have no purpose for it.  But there are a lot of criminals out there who live for this just so they can steal it.  

Say you upload a new photo to Facebook with the caption “On vacation with my family for the weekend!” That’s an easy invitation for criminals to take a visit to your home since you just told all of social media that the whole family was gone.  Many people know not to share personal information like your driver’s license, etc., but there is still similar information you post that could be used against you:

  • Full, Middle, and Last name
  • Birthday
  • Where you’re from
  • Single, Married, Divorced
  • Where you go to school or went to school
  • Where you work
  • Hobbies and Interest


The best way you can prevent identity theft and fraud is just being smart about what you’re sharing and who you are sharing things with.  Most social media sites allow for a public and private setting. Facebook even allows for anything you post to have a separate setting of who gets to see it.  You should always try to minimize the amount of personal information you put on your profiles and only friend people who you know and have met.  Make sure you’re changing passwords constantly and instead of choosing one security question that asks “What town did you grow up in?” Pick multiple questions that aren’t so specific so someone can’t easily find the information from your profile.

With social media users increasing daily it’s important to know how to protect yourself online.  Visit Spyfly for more tips on how to stay safe.



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