Is Your Home Tech Spying on You?

Technology, is it a necessity or an accessory?

We’ve come a long way since discovering fire in the Stone Age and it seems we have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Whether we’re at work, at home, or basically anywhere people socialize, we are surrounded and dictated by technology. We even have self-driving cars now!

We are constantly plugged into the online world. Why wouldn’t we be? Technology not only makes our lives easier and more entertaining, it also pushes us to our limits. But can the same technology that has propelled us to greatness be setting us up for disaster?

Jerry Irvine, a member of Homeland Security’s Cyber Task Force, says yes.

“These things are designed to make it more convenient,” he says. “Unfortunately, the more feature rich and the more convenient the device is, the more vulnerable it is.”

Is technology something we can live without while still being part of society? Better yet, can we use our tech devices without exposing ourselves to the dangers of online invasions of privacy?

Here are the ways in which our home technology is making us vulnerable to a cyber attack:

Voice-activated in-home assistants 

Voice command seems great when you have your hands full or are simply too lazy to type in your request. But what happens when the microphone starts listening, copying and recording things you don’t want it to?

Built-in Camera 

Hackers can take over your devices with a built-in camera and literally watch your every move that the lens captures. The worst part is that they can do this without your device being on.

Some devices to look out for:

As we advance as a society so does our technology and we must be aware of its power. In the words of president Apolonio Garcia of HealthGuard IT Security, “convenience comes with a price”. Visit Spyfly for tips on how to stay safe online.


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