Over A Dozen Women Accuse Man of Fraud and Identity Theft

Would you believe me if If told you that the person you’re chatting with online isn’t real? I don’t mean that he or she is a robot or anything like that. I mean that you’re being lied to about who your online match really is. Okay, maybe you’re not and your match is legit, but there are many women who can’t say the same.

About 15 women, who were looking for an ideal match on dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony, found themselves conned out of large amounts of money by a guy they met online who claimed to be a “billionaire”. Ironic, I know.

John Taylor was arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly scamming women out of their money since 2011.

He was charged with different counts of fraud, identity theft, and a few other crimes. NBC New York reports that Taylor would “trick” women into relationships in order to “steal their identities” and get access to their money.

When some of his victims confronted him about the incidents, they were only met with threats about him sending naked photos he had of them to their coworkers and bosses.

Although Taylor has pleaded not guilty, he still faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

It’s hard to think of something like this happening to us but the truth is that it does happen, more frequently than one would imagine so. Anybody is vulnerable to such crimes especially when these cons go above and beyond. Remember that guy who went as far as to impersonate a CIA agent?

It’s important to remember that not everyone on dating sites is looking for love.

Background checks like Spyfly can be a helpful tool in the dating world to distinguish the matches from the cons.






2 thoughts on “Over A Dozen Women Accuse Man of Fraud and Identity Theft

  1. I was scammed out of $3,000, all that I had to a man I met on Chemistry.com. He played me for months and said he loved me and wanted a future and all that time I had no idea he was just in it for the money! I feel hurt, betrayed and frustrated. But, guess what? I have evidence and my intent is to go after him and not only prosecute him, but, crucify him! Be real careful ladies, when they ask for a loan or money for whatever reason they give you, just say NO!!

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