Boyfriend, Giving or Taking From You?

Identity Theft Can Happen in Many Different Ways

It’s always the boyfriend,” Rachel recalls being told. And she would respond, “You don’t know my boyfriend.”

Apparently, neither did she…

Rachel Rosenthal is a comedian, improviser, improv teacher and a victim of identity theft. 

When her money began to disappear, the first thing she did was switch bank accounts. But this didn’t resolve her problem. The money kept vanishing somehow.

But how?

Little by Little, Rachel’s funds kept shrinking no matter where she banked.

After not being able to crack the case, the paranoia kicked in. She withdrew all her money from her bank account in the form of a check. She then proceeded to pay anything and everything in cash only. Also, she got a P.O. Box in case her mail was getting stolen. The situation got so bad that she believed her thief was stalking her, following her every move!

In the midst of all the uncertainty, one thing was for sure: something needed to be done to end this madness.

But at least she wasn’t going through this alone; her boyfriend was there throughout the whole ordeal to not only support her emotionally but financially as well.

But as it turns out, her boyfriend was the real improviser here…


He was stealing from her all this time and she never had a clue. At least not until prince charming slipped up. Remember the check I mentioned earlier? Yup, you guessed it, gone like the wind.  This is when she started piecing things together.

So how do we know someone didn’t break in and steal it? The bank showed her a receipt of that check from when it was cashed, except she never cashed it; someone had forged her signature and collected her money. Rachel easily recognized the signature and confronted her boyfriend about it.

What does one do at this point? If you’re anything like Rachel, you’ll give your thief, (oops, I mean boyfriend) a second chance.

But it gets worse.

Rachel suddenly received a call from her landlord one day. He was angry. $16,000 in rent had gone unpaid. Of course, Rachel was shocked! Had her boyfriend not been paying his half of the rent?

Not only had he been skipping out on rent but he was also taking her half and keeping it for himself. This was the last straw. She decided they needed to “take a break”. The boyfriend moved back in with his parents and poof… just like that, he vanished just as quick as Rachel’s money had. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

She remembers asking herself: “Why would someone steal from you and then spend it on you?”

That’s a great question—one that she’ll probably never get the answer to.

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