Wisconsin Student Sexually Assaulted Dozens of Women

Prosecutors Are Calling Him A “Serial Sexual Predator

Despite all the evidence and the testimonies that point towards a guilty defendant, Alec Cook’s lawyers played the consent card. Naturally, this raises the controversial question: what is consent?

Consent Not So Consensual  

When does the line between when ‘yes’ is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is ‘no’ become blurry? 

Consent… is it being forcefully kissed after being told you didn’t have to do “anything you don’t feel comfortable doing” or is it being raped and choked until your vision blurs?

When a University of Wisconsin female student experienced the above-mentioned, she decided to talk to police and report her attacker. Later, dozens of women bravely spoke out on their own horrific encounters with sexual predator Alec Cook.

One woman describes being sexually assaulted during a second date with Cook; claiming that he forcefully put his hands down her pants.

Another victim, recalls feeling “empowered” by the initial complaint that she felt like she could “finally tell” her story.

Little Black Book

Upon searching Cook’s apartment, they found a black leather book with a list of women’s names and details about each one.

It’s really hard to know that people like that are out there and you have no way to tell

Police claim that not only did  he express his “sexual desires”, but he also wrote in there that he intended to kill some of the women.

The Washington Post reports: At least 20 other notebooks in his apartment were found but only one has been examined so far.

What is in the rest of those books? Could the list of victims be longer than we thought?

Dear Mr. Cook

A series of “open letters” have been written to Alec Cook by fellow students:

“You don’t know me. And from what has just surfaced, I am very glad that I don’t know you. I wrote this because I couldn’t sleep at night after I found out what you had done.”

“Police believe Cook has been sexually assaulting women since March 2015, growing progressively more aggressive.”

Wisconsin University Police spokesperson Marc Lovicott says he’s “glad” that more victims are “coming forward”.


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