Are Pickup Artists Perpetuating Rape Culture?

“I uncovered this whole world that I did not know existed”

When you hear the phrase “Pick-up Artist”(PUA), what comes to mind?

Whatever it is you pictured is sure to be challenged or reinforced by Claire’s (pseudonym) story —a true one— that will have you rethinking the meaning of this “art”.

For the sake of this story, a pick-up artist is a man who obsessively studies and practices methods of meeting and sleeping with as many women as possible.

Now, what would you say if I told you that there was a whole community of hundreds of thousands of instructors/students who fit the definition above? Would you believe that these ideologies held by these pick-up artists led to a 16-year-old’s and a San Diego woman’s rape?

It’s unbelievable!

One moment you could be bar-hopping with your friend, dancing the night away; next thing you know you’re in the back of a police car on your way to getting examined for rape.

 “I read about my own rape from their Efficient Pickup website.”

Although Claire doesn’t remember meeting her rapists, the details of her assault, which were once dreadful, blurry memories have been recreated on a PUA online forum and will most likely haunt her forever.

Thedailybeast reports, “Since 2010, the San Diego DA has filed charges of rape by intoxication 28 times, rejecting 80 percent of the cases it received from law enforcement.”

San Diego Police Lieutenant Paul Philips went as far as saying that cases like this one are often overlooked and the “hardest” to be pursued by Police.

But that didn’t stop Claire.

Where law enforcement failed, Claire succeeded.

A month following her rape, Claire decided to run her own investigation with the only information she had: one of her attacker’s name. She googled “Jonas Dick” in hopes of finding any information on this guy. Claire had no idea that by surfing the web she was really diving into a pool of evidence; evidence that would eventually put her attackers behind bars.

Claire said in a statement she delivered before the court: I was the one who found out that Jonas Dick and Alex Smith were instructors of a pickup artist company, and the third man was their student Jason Berlin. I read about my own rape from their Efficient Pickup website on a post titled “Tales of a Sex-addicted, Narcissistic Player.”

Contrary to what Smith’s attorney Samantha Greene said, this incident is clearly centered on rape. And thanks to Claire’s courageous efforts, three rapists are now in jail.

Click here to uncover a world you probably didn’t know existed: Spyfly, a world of security.


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