Top Secrets Your Background Report Reveals


We all have secrets, but what’s a secret when others know about it? If you’ve ever been asked to submit to a screening, say for a job interview you just had or an apartment you’d like to rent, you’ve probably asked yourself: what are they learning about me; what are they looking for?

Whether your record is messy or clean, chances are you get nervous in anticipation of what that report may show about your past. Hopefully, knowing what a background check will reveal lessens the anxiety coming from the screening process you’re experiencing.

Here are the top secrets a background check will reveal about you:


Are you who you say you are? Typically, a screening will start with the basics—name, age, gender, etc. Also, your contact information such as home addresses (current and past), phone number(s) and email addresses(s) will pop up here. Some background reports will even show marriage and divorce documents! However, not every background check is going to be 100% accurate. For example, a criminal conviction might have been filed on your record from a felon who shares your name or perhaps you’re a victim of identity theft. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to run a background check on yourself every now and then. If you find any incorrect information, you can take action into getting it fixed.


Although you most likely want this part of your life to stay in the shadows, criminal history screenings are the foundation of most background checks. Simply put, employers/landlords want to know if their prospective hire/tenant has any skeletons in their closet. Usually, what they look for are big crimes—violent offenses, fraud, sex crimes and other felony convictions. However, an extensive criminal record along with any possible warrants will definitely stand out here.


Your credit history is another secret you might not want to share with others, especially if you have poor credit, but nowadays, your credit tends to be the main determinant on whether you’re financially responsible or not. In this segment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and evictions will be highlighted. Other red flags include unpaid tax liens and substantial amounts of debt. Chances are your friend lending you $10 will not check your credit before doing so, but a bank will check for issues with your credit when considering you for that $1,000 loan.


Ever been cited a ticket for speeding, parking, or driving under the influence? How about accidents, ever been a part of any? If you have, you better believe that a background screening will expose this. Although you might consider yourself the best behind the wheel, ask yourself: is that what others see? Even if someone hasn’t actually seen you driving, they sure can dig out the secrets about your driving record that had been kept under the rug.

Do you know what Information is on YOUR Record? Don’t allow the secrets of your past to put a damper on your future. Check here:


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