What Secrets Are Your Friends Hiding?

Asher Potts was a student at Pennsylvania High School with a standout GPA of 4.16 and was even nominated to be the homecoming king. For three years he attended the school, teachers and administrators thought of him as a mature and respectful young man. He was even part of the school’s ROTC program and was recognized by Patty Kim, an elected official in the House of Representatives for his stand out achievements.

Asher Potts is actually Artur Samarin who is a 23 year old Ukrainian man, a master of hiding in plane site and appearing as if he perfectly fits in. Maybe he doesn’t have all the cool gadgets and skills that other super spy’s have but then again that’s the movies and what Artur accomplished was real.

After his visa expired, he enrolled as a freshman at Pennsylvania High School. He used forged paper work to enroll and even had a Pennsylvania driver’s licenses under his alias. Police only got wind of him because of a tip that they received, the school officials never suspected a thing and were more than a little surprised when the truth came out.

They learned that Asher Potts was actually Artur Samarin and he was much older than the other students.  That would explain why he was so mature and maybe even explained how he was able to achieve such a high GPA as well as so many awards and accolades. The police arrested him after discovering that he wasn’t who everyone thought he was. His life was one big lie, everything from his name to his age was a lie. No one was aware of the truth before he was arrested. A simple search through spyfly.com would have shown Asher Potts for what he really was. An imposter and a master of blending in. So try it. Go to spyfly.com and search one of your friends. Find out what secrets they could be hiding.


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