Your New Landlord – Dream or Nightmare?

    Fresh out of college and you need a new place, since moving back with your parents isn’t an option. Everyone does this at some point, right? Finding an affordable and decent apartment should be easy. First step: an online search for local apartments. Step two: finding a listing that fits your needs.  And finally… contacting the landlord. Umm, how do I know if I can trust this guy? Oh well, should be fine, everyone does it. Set up the walk through for the apartment and you’re set.

      So you go there to meet him, he seems nice enough.  As far as you can tell he seems pretty normal.  The apartment is nice too. Spacious with pristine white walls and glossy wood flooring. All the appliances are new and energy efficient. The best part is the master bedroom has a patio that looks out on the complex’s pool. All for a good price too. Time to rent this place.

Until this happens.

Two weeks in your new place and loving it. The landlord is a little annoying, he is always calling to see if you need anything, but at least he’s attentive.

Until, uh-oh…You come home from work one day to find your landlord peeping into your roommate’s bedroom.

What?! That doesn’t really happen, does it? Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Hannah M. Luckily, her dad was a cop.

What if your dad isn’t a cop? And what if your landlord turns out to be a crackhead and you don’t find out until after you’ve moved in? Now it’s the middle of winter and the heat is cut off because your landlord didn’t pay the bill. For Megan O. this nightmare was her reality.*

First impressions can only tell you so much about a person. Stories like this happen to real people all the time. Finding an apartment with a good landlord should not be like Russian roulette. Instead it should involve you having the tools you need to ensure your safety. Spyfly is one of these essential tools and it’s easy to use.  Just enter a name and find out the truth on just about anyone. Performing a simple search on your landlord’s name could save you a lot of trouble in the future. 


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