How to Land on the Most Wanted List Without Committing a Crime


Imagine you’re drinking your morning cup of coffee and you turn on the news. All of a sudden you see a picture of yourself and the news anchor is saying you’re one of the most wanted criminals in Louisville, Kentucky for a theft felony charge. A crime that you never committed, yet there’s your face, right there on the morning news.

There are only two ways to end up on any most wanted list: either commit the crime or just be plain unlucky.

Since you’re probably sure you didn’t commit a crime that would land you on the most wanted list, you were most likely just “plain unlucky.” You may be asking yourself at this point: How is this even possible? Aren’t there systems made to stop this?

Luckily, there are fail safes that catch most mistakes like these before they go too far and seriously affect your future. Unluckily, the system doesn’t catch every single mistake…

Unfortunately for Eric Leichty, a Spencer County man from Louisville, Kentucky, the fact that his dumb luck had landed him on the most wanted list was all too real.

So how did this Eric Leichty get fired from his job and make the most wanted list?

Leichty’s wallet had been stolen from his car only a month earlier by local known criminal, Ethan Williams. After stealing the ID, Williams drunkenly drove to a gas station. Here, a police officer approached Williams who gave Leichty’s identification, as his own. The officer let him go after failing to remember to match his license and registration to the ID given.

Soon after, the police realized the vehicle had been stolen. So they flagged the last ID connected to the suspected driver as the guilty party. This party being Leichty.

Subsequently, making the most wanted list for Louisville, Kentucky Eric Leichty was promptly fired from his job and has yet to find employment, even after being removed from the most wanted list.

Identity theft can affect its victims in many ways, so don’t let dumb luck put you on any most wanted list. The next time your wallet goes missing, make sure to report all lost identification and credit cards to the police so it is on record. Then keep an eye on your record to make sure nobody purchases anything large or commits any crimes under your name.

Although the mistake was eventually fixed, Leichty still has to deal with the aftermath of this ordeal. Identity theft is a massive issue for millions of Americans. It is estimated that 9 million Americans a year are victims of identity theft.

“It is tough when my face was already on the news and everyone still probably thinks that’s me because it’s still out there now. So, it’s hard to clear my name,” Leichty shared.

Thankfully, there are some preventative ways to stop identity theft before any real damage can be done to your reputation. Leichty may have been able to stop this criminal charge from having any serious affect on his life by using SpyFly. Internet services like SpyFly monitor your personal information and notify you the moment anything changes. If Eric Leichty had a subscription to SpyFly, he would have been able to see a crime on his record that he didn’t commit.
With identity theft affecting more and more people every year, Spyfly is becoming a household necessity for daily personal protection.


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