Your Smartwatch Isn’t So Smart When It Comes to Security

If you own a “smartwatch” or are planning to buy one, you may want to rethink what sensitive data you store inside.

A smartwatch is marketed as a device worn on the wrist that shares many of the same capabilities as any smart phone. However, recent studies from Trend Micro, an Internet security software company, have revealed that smartwatches do little to protect your personal information from being hijacked in the event of theft. Their studies conclude that smartwatches are not as secure as they should be, which can lead to identity theft and all the perils that come with it.

Their research focused on the smartwatches of Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and other competitors. Trend Micro’s report stated that protection was poor, since they lack “authentication via passwords or other means being enabled by default.” All devices, apart from the Apple Watch, lacked a timeout function; in other words, passwords had to be activated manually.

This could prove to be detrimental if the device is stolen. Since the watches are too small for WiFi signals, they often connect with the wearer’s phone over Bluetooth. This means that anyone with the watch could potentially connect to the primary phone and access personal information. Such data could give away bounds and leaps of information about the owner, which could lead to identity theft.

Identity theft is defined by Google as “the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain.” Such private identifying information can be found on your phone or watch. Precautions should be taken to lower the risk of your identity being stolen, especially if you possess a smartwatch.

Staying ahead of increasingly elaborate identity schemes is admittedly a challenge. There’s no perfect method to avoid identity theft, but there are hundreds of good tips, such as carefully limiting what information you give out on social media and monitoring your own identity report. With SpyFly, you can gather information on yourself or anyone else you wish to look up find out everything under your record in one tidy file. Periodically checking yourself may nip any identity theft problems you have in the bud.


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